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Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy

Let Texas Take the Lead!

America was attacked by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001. That was nearly 13 years ago! As a result we created the Department of Homeland Security. The goal was obvious, homeland security, right? Yet here we are nearly 13 years later with at least 11 million unidentified immigrants! Why, because too many Congressmen are unwilling to confront the issue! “It’s too controversial! It’s too emotional!”

We did not elect our Congressmen to avoid controversial issues. We elected them to make thoughtful decisions and to lead on the tough ones! Continuing to avoid immigration reform while we bicker about how to secure the border does nothing to find out who is in our house!

In 2012, Texas grassroots delegates pounded out The Texas Solution, a practical but tough solution to the immigration dilemma. Please urge your Congressman and Senators Cornyn and Cruz to use the Texas Solution in our Platform as a guideline for immigration reform. Tell them the time for real immigration reform is now!

Click here to send a fax to the Texas Republican Congressional Delegation.

We need a sensible immigration policy that secures the border and recognizes the need for continued employment of the current immigrant workforce and a program to meet future employment needs. Such a policy would:

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  • Secure the border, and use our "Special Forces" to eliminate the Drug Cartels, Smugglers and Thugs.
  • Create a pathway to "legal status" for our illegal immigrant workforce (those with no violent criminal record). Issue Positive ID permits allowing work and travel. Allow no shortcut to citizenship except for military service.
  • Allow the "permit workers" to only work for employers that withhold and match taxes, thus eliminating the misclassification of illegal immigrants as "independent contractors."
  • Develop a viable and efficient visa work program that allows for a timely and reasonable flow of immigrant workers to meet future employment needs
  • We are proposing the following “plank” or resolution be adopted by the Texas Republican Party.

Stop Illegal Immigration 

 Texans resolve to urge Congress to develop a SENSIBLE IMMIGRATION POLICY!

Americans deserve a policy that effectively controls our borders, positively identifies all non-citizens, deports those with violent criminal records. Immigrants that came here illegally of their own accord should have no pathway to citizenship with the exception of military service. 

We do not support amnesty. Work permits for non-citizens should be issued only to those who submit to a positive ID process including criminal background check and agree to pay fines and penalty payroll taxes in excess of taxes paid by citizens.

Employers of non-citizens should be required to match those penalty payroll taxes as an incentive to hire U.S. citizens first!

Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy support The Texas Solution.  Read about it here.

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Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy

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